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Tyler must really trust Troye if they’re eating on his carpet.

eating on Tyler Oakley’s carpet is a whole new level of trust




If Tyler posts the Troyler collab on Thursday then it’ll be on the 1 year anniversary of their first collab together


doing what they do best


NEW VIDEO: “Playing With Our Things" ft. Grace Helbig!

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Anonym: Hello, I'm new to the world of youtube. And very confused with troyler's past. You seem like a fit blog, Would ya explain to me a little (or a lot) about what I have missed so far?! Thanks beautiful 💕 P.s. From what I can tell so far your blogs amazing 👏👏👏


Once upon a time, there lived a boy in the land down under. This boy, 17-year-old Troye Sivan Mellet, happens to be a very talented actor, musician, angel, and self-proclaimed internet person. It didn’t take long for Troye to become obsessed with this life-ruining website called Tumblr. Being the cheeky little shit that he is, Troye uploaded a video about Tumblr and tagged the queen himself, Tyler Oakley. Tyler, you will learn, is extremely self-obsessed and checks his tag like all the time. When he saw the precious little twinkbottom in his tag - using his photo in the thumbnail - he knew he had to watch it. Tyler then reblogged the video, followed Troye and subscribed. They began to tweet each other and Skype from across the world, until they finally embraced at PlaylistLive 2013. The online relationship continued, and when they reunited at VidCon 2013, Troyler was officially born. Troye turned 18, he came out to his audience, they filmed collabs, and the feels officially began. 2014 rolled around, they made another set of amazing collabs, (I’m glad you said hi.), they traveled together, raised $500K for charity, *cough* the kiss *cough*, Tyler visited the Mellets in Perth and celebrated Troye’s birthday, an EP was dropped, charts were topped, multiple awards were won, bloopers were released, and many fangirls were generally just unable to even. Now, Tyler is finishing up Auguest, his month of collabs, which will feature the one and only Troye Sivan this week. No one is prepared. Few will survive. To be continued…

interviewer: who's your otp?
tyler: oh my god there's so many like...
tyler: ughh mARCUS can you fuck me literally #MYLER4LIFE
tyler: oh my god joe fuck me i love you #toe is happening
tyler: zyler is so real guys, *kisses zoe on lips*
tyler: i stole alfie away from you zoe #talfie 4ever
tyler: #tyranda is so meant to be tbh
interviewer: what's your opinion on troyler?
tyler: ... troyler? ummmm
tyler: guys i love troye so much but troyler is just a brotp okay JUST A BROMANCE we have nothing no romantic love in between just friends just friends. okay actually idk whatever bye

photography by aaron webber


Watching Tyler and Dan’s new videos makes me realize that they both have the best laughs ever like wow

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no homo howell strikes again